Solo course of Dianabol (Metandienone)

Modern sports pharmacology is actively developing, opening up more and more opportunities for athletes. The use of steroids has become one of the most important keys to success in sports today. Almost everyone makes a commitment to prepare for competition or to expand their skills and achieve better results.

Athletes who want to actively build muscle mass must pay attention to the right medication. The most influential are steroids with high anabolic and androgenic activity. One of these drugs is Danabol, one of the most used and effective steroids.

Solo course of Dianabol (Metandienone)

Danabol is another name for Methandienone, the most popular weight loss steroid. This drug is in great demand among both beginners, often in the first cycle, and experienced athletes. The drug was first created by doctors to restore the body, improve tone and treat burns. However, he later gained a great reputation among athletes, especially in bodybuilding and weight training.

How to take Dianabol?

You should always remember that the correct use of anabolic steroids gives positive results and does not cause any side effects. This is a very controversial topic because there are many ideas on how to take Dianabol correctly, but there is no exact source of reference. In the 80’s and 90’s it was possible to find literature that clearly described tables with different drugs and weight and potency options. If everyone now buys Dianabol pieces to gain weight, the former world-renowned players used many interesting pieces, which contributed to an increase in power rather than mass. This direction helps to get better quality muscles and not everything is full of water.

Dianabol is taken correctly for 6 to 8 weeks, this is the normal average usage time. If you’re wondering why, you know that systematic, long-term use of methandienone can cause common side effects. Several publications show that the safe dose for athletes is no more than 30 mg. I take 3 pills a day. In fact, if you gain 6-8 kg per month, these 3 pills every day will not give you normal and promised results. Believe me, carry 5 kg per month. Also, the starting point should be 40 mg. Per day or more and an average of 50 mg.

How to take Dianabol?

The course should always start with the minimum dose, without fanaticism, if you buy only 100 pills. Of course, then do not prolong the joy, otherwise there will be no results. Start with 2 sections. Every day for 1 week, then the second week, 3 sessions. Every day and then 4 pills a day, last week you can take 3 pills in descending order. And that’s it. So you get very good results with no side effects.

Effect of Dianabol (Metandienone)

The main effect of Dianabol is a rapid set of muscle mass. For a typical two-month course you can get around £ 8-12. After completing the course, the so-called rebound phenomenon often occurs, when 2-5 kg of weight gained can be lost. The effect of relapse can be minimized if the course of treatment is properly formulated.

In addition to increasing weight, the drug also increases strength, which explains the popularity of many strength sports. The effect of rapid weight gain is a consequence of the activation of basic protein synthesis in muscle tissue. In addition, it improves appetite and general condition of the body.

The optimal dose is 25-40 milligrams a day, which is not strictly recommended to avoid side effects. The course of treatment is usually 5-6 weeks, after which it makes no sense to continue with it, because the body gets used to the drug. Dianabol can be taken alone or in combination with other low androgenic steroids, which makes the resulting muscle mass stronger and better.

Individual mass solo course

The most common option for many beginners is the Dianabol course. Firstly, many are satisfied with the price of Dianabol, it is very affordable even for a poor student in Ukraine and Russia. An athlete gets a very powerful oral steroid for a good price. After one month of consumption, you can increase your muscle mass up to 8 kg. It is very cheap and effective.

The Dianabol course for beginners is quite simple, but at the same time very effective. You must understand that your new body is responding to steroids in the best possible way. If an experienced athlete has a dose of 40 mg. Methane seems pointless, so the newcomer is growing right before our eyes. Do not try to increase the recommended daily dose too much, as this will often cause side effects rather than increased muscle growth.

It is always taken in such a way that the body of the young athlete can adapt gradually and not be shocked by overdoses. Start the course with 1 tab. switch to 2 tabs per day and after three days. And 5 days after 3 tabs. It may be possible to stop doing this, but it is still recommended to go to 4 episodes per week. and finished. You can easily leave the course and take 3 tablets in the last week.

Individual mass solo course

With the help of this drug, athletes can quickly build muscle mass. In this case, not only the mass of all muscles increases, but also the indices of strength. This increases the effectiveness of the training.

The key rule of taking Danabol not only for beginners but any other steroid is to choose the right dose. According to the rules. Experienced athletes are advised to use the minimum beginner’s dose of the drug to test your body’s response. In the case of Dianabol, this dose is 20 mg or 2 tablets. This steroid should be taken for the first few days. Then increase the dose to 3 tablets per day and continue use until the end of the course. In the last two weeks, experienced athletes have taken four pills. With this dose and active exercise, you can gain up to 4-7 kg of muscle mass.

Every athlete strives to choose the most effective and safest training. It is recommended to take oral Dianabol in moderation and in moderation. It is most effective if you take this steroid just a few hours before your workout. This facilitates digestion and makes training more effective.

  • In addition, it is very important to use Proviron, for example, after training. Therefore, you can greatly reduce the side effects of Dianabol on the body; In other words, you can avoid the effect of aromatization and reduce the amount of estrogen. right dose; Along with improved exercise and exercise therapies, don’t forget about a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. You can buy these dietary supplements in pharmacies.
  • By following these basic guidelines, you will definitely get the results you want in sports. During each week of this course, your muscle mass will be actively growing.
  • To choose the right steroid; It is advisable to read the reviews of other experienced athletes who use them. For example, Danabol Solo Review shows many of the positive qualities of this oral steroid:
  • Dianabol solo is an anabolic agent that rapidly increases muscle mass by accelerating metabolic processes in the body.
  • Incredibly increased muscle mass. Athletes can gain around 100-150 grams of muscle mass per day by taking Dianabol tablets. At the end of the course, the results will be simply amazing.
  • I really liked the increase in muscle mass and strength. In general, after completing Dianabol solo training, many athletes notice a 22% increase in strength index in the first 6 weeks of training.
  • Danabol solo is a drug that improves the synthesis of proteins and amino acids, significantly accelerating muscle growth.

Therefore, we can conclude that by using the correct verse of solo training after training, many athletes were completely satisfied with the quality and effectiveness of the drugs.

Side effects

Methandrostenone is not as complete as many things in our lives, and it has minor effects. They may not follow the dosage of the medication and may not follow the diet. Danabol has wonderful fragrances and water quality in the body. It can also be converted to estrogen (a female hormone that carries body fat). To reduce this procedure, you need to take Proviron or Nolvadex. Danabol has a huge effect on the liver and does not allow it to be overdosed. After taking this drug, the athlete loses muscle mass and strength significantly as water is lost from the body.

Side effects