Combination course of Dianabol (Metandienone)

Taking a steroid course to get your body in perfect shape is not a good thing today. Use only the highest quality medications that are available in the market in large assortments. Individually selected quantities and an accurately designed course will allow you to increase muscle mass quickly and improve strength performance.

With methane and other anabolic steroids, you can easily gain muscle mass. Of course, this drug was originally designed to help critically ill patients recover from serious illness, but later bodybuilders saw positive features.

Athletes at different stages of development use it not only to build muscle, but also as a tool to increase physical strength and endurance. Increased strength leads to an even larger set of muscle fibers. But to do this, you need to follow a few more elements – sleep, diet and exercise plan.

Combination course of Dianabol (Metandienone)

How to take Dianabol? The best dose

The dose of the drug should be adjusted to today’s body shape. If the athlete has no experience with Dianabole, it is recommended to keep 25-40 mg daily. More experienced athletes can increase the amount of active ingredient to more than 100 mg per day, which can be dangerous to their health. Personal patience should also be considered. You should take several medications to reduce the load and maintain a high concentration. For receptors, the course of medication takes a maximum of 6 weeks. The second course can be taken only after 6-8 consecutive weeks.

Dianabol is used only in public meetings. Moreover, in combination with Primobolan it can build strong muscles and extra strength. This combination reduces the intensity of water accumulation in the body. Add Sustanon to the golf course to increase weight gain.

How to take Dianabol? The best dose

What to do with Danabol?

After gaining experience, Turinabol can be included in combination courses. According to the chemical structure It is almost an analogue of methandrostenolone, but the additional chlorine atom prevents gynecomastia and aromatization. Other programs include Testosterone Enanthate or Sustanon.

Methandrostenolone to increase muscle mass:

  • Testosterone;
  • Nandrolones are the best choice;
  • Susanon;
  • Trenbolone;
  • Primobolan.

It is not recommended to combine more than two drugs at once. Remember that each combination contains a strictly prescribed dose and a special drug.

The dose of the drug should correspond to the current physical condition. If the athlete has no experience with Dianabol, it is better to stop with a dose of 25-40 mg daily. Experienced athletes will increase the amount of active ingredient per day, even up to 100 mg can be hazardous to health. Individual tolerance must also be taken into account. You should take the drug in multiple doses to reduce stress and maintain high concentration. The duration of the course is up to 6 weeks due to drug receptors. The second course is rest after 6-8 weeks.

Dianabol is only used in massive summary courses. At the same time, it is possible to combine Primobolan with vodka to build muscle and gain strength. This combination reduces the intensity of water retention in the body. Add Sustanon to your weight gain course.

In fact, methane is superior in various anabolic combinations, especially to achieve the goal of muscle mass. Dianabol is often used by security guards, but bodybuilders have used Dianabol along with other steroids in mass visits.

Dianabol does not adequately stabilize the androgen receptor. trenbolone; Nandrolone It is recommended to use it in combination with Methenolone and Oxandrolone. Dianabol and Boldenone are interesting choices. danabol; Testosterone and nandrolone have also been linked to weight loss.

Danabol blends well with other pharmaceutical steroids. One of the successful experiments is Danabol (20-50 mcg per day) and Sustanon (testosterone) (250-500 mg per week) + Deca (250 mg per week). This recipe, proven by many bodybuilders and athletes, works without hesitation. With this recipe you can build up to 15 kilograms of muscle mass.

Methandrostenone is great because it can be easily stacked with other pharmaceutical steroids, especially AAC. But we draw your attention to the fact that the use of Dianabol with 17-alpha alkaline steroids in combination with steroids of the same structure will cause serious damage to your health, especially to the liver.

Solo Dianabol is mainly used by security guards who are looking to increase their powers while preparing for a race. In the above combinations, Dianabol is used by bodybuilders for quality muscle mass. In this case, the actual gains in muscle mass show up not only in liquid-to-liquid mass gains, but also in training.
An effective compound for weight loss is Dianabol and Testosterone Enanthate. In the 15 week Testosterone Enanthate course, Dianabol is administered at 30 mg (1-4 weeks) and 500 mg (1-10 weeks) per week. anastrozole 0.5 mg daily (3-11 weeks); Gonadotropin 250 IU twice daily (7-11 weeks) and tamoxifen in PCT.

Dianabol Side Effects

Many stereotypes about the negative effects of steroids and Dianabol are also linked to a misunderstanding of them, their work and their essence.

Once in the body, Dianabol tends to be converted into estradiol. If the recommended dose is exceeded, fluid retention may occur and there is a risk of gynecomastia.

These side effects can be easily eliminated. Just follow the simple rules.

  • Do not increase the dose to an unreasonable maximum (more than 100 mg per day).
  • Do not sit on Danabol for more than 6-8 weeks (average cycle time)
  • Next – tamoxifen.

When you use this medicine, it can have completely unpredictable side effects. Usually the negative effect does not come on its own. They are the result of overdose, abuse, and other inappropriate steroids. If you do not follow the admission rules, you can expect the following:

Dianabol Side Effects
  • Increase muscle aroma.
  • An increase in estrogen in the body can lead to irreversible consequences.
  • Drinking too much water can be harmful to athletes and can cause swelling.
  • The appearance of subcutaneous adipose tissue should ideally be removed, but not added.
  • Mammary gland tumor.
  • Hypertension.

All these side effects occur when the athlete drinks alcohol without taking into account the rules of addiction and not taking care of them, without a diet and when he takes a dosage. There will be no problem with the proper use of the drug.